A graffiti wall has appeared in UNIT.City

26 August - 17:05

Members of the Ukrainian team of graffiti artists SM created a mural on one of the walls of UNIT.City in Kyiv on the future and the associations it evokes. Ukrainian writers Bios, Seib91, Pako, and Cirbi worked on the project. This is just the beginning of a great collaboration within UNIT.City.

«We wanted to show that UNIT.City is a territory of freedom and creativity. Developed urban culture, part of which is graffiti, is an indicator of the maturity and progress of the city and its management. All the capitals of the world have not struggled with graffiti for a long time, but make it a unique element that attracts the urban avant-garde and increases the economic value of the place,» commented Lyubov Melnikova, the head of communications at UNIT.City.

The drawing was created in two days, and it took about two weeks to coordinate and prepare.

«Graffiti has become an identity of the city. According to the picture, you can find out where you are, and sometimes – even in which country. Each progressive city is full of drawings, tags, murals, graffiti. And this is an indicator of freedom and development. This demonstrates the uniqueness of the city. And graffiti is, first of all, about freedom. Only in it real creativity is born, powerful creativity,» the writer Bios told about the idea of the project.