Already in Kyiv: Bolt launches e-scooter rental

7 August - 16:42

Bolt, a resident of UNIT.City, has launched an electric scooter rental service in Kyiv. To take advantage, you need to update the Bolt application to order a car to the latest version. If you don’t already have the Bolt app installed, you can download it from Google Play and the App Store.

After updating the application, you need to go to the scooter and scan its QR code. You can pay for the rental of the vehicle only by the cashless method. The appendix also contains instructions for the safe use of the electric scooter.

The electric scooter can be found in the center of Kyiv: near metro stations, parks, and the most visited locations in the city. The first locations with rental can be found on the Post Square, Independence Square, Bessarabian Square, the Golden Gate, and in the Mariinsky Park. After the trip, the scooter can be parked in safe places, which are marked on the map in the application. If the user leaves the scooter outside the designated areas, he will be fined.

All scooters are equipped with GPS-navigators to obtain information about the places of their unlocking and parking. Every morning, Bolt staff will take scooters to specially designated areas. Due to the pandemic, all electric scooters will be regularly disinfected. Users of the new service are also recommended to use sanitizers and disposable gloves.

«All over the world, users are choosing light, convenient, and environmentally friendly modes of transport. They allow you to solve the problem of “last mile” and in a few minutes to get from the subway to work or home. The project was tested on the territory of Kyiv’s UNIT.City innovation park and aroused great interest. The test period was successful and now we are ready to launch this service in Kyiv,» says Bolt Regional Manager Taras Potichny.

The project partner is Venbest. It will provide permanent protection for all electric scooters and will monitor compliance with rental rules in cooperation with the National Police of Kyiv.

Electric scooter rental is another step towards implementing Bolt’s long-term environmental strategy called the Green Plan. The use of electric vehicles reduces the company’s environmental footprint. By 2025, as part of the Green Plan strategy, Bolt plans to compensate for at least 5 million tons of transport CO2 emissions in Europe. The company also plans to reduce carbon emissions by offering users environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Bolt electric scooter rental service is currently available in 10 countries and more than 30 cities in Europe.