Bolt becomes a resident of UNIT.City

4 July - 09:00

The team will move to the innovation park in August

Bolt (formerly known as Taxify) will become a new resident of the innovative park UNIT.City. Already in August, a team of more than 50 people will settle in the innovative town. The Estonian company also plans to create its own R&D center. By the end of the year Bolt will start recruiting developers to its research center.

“Moving to UNIT.City opens up new opportunities and prospects for us. We will be glad to become a part of the UNIT.City ecosystem and hope that it will become a new stage in the development of the company, as well as give an impulse to launch new projects, new promising partnerships and new initiatives,” says regional manager of Bolt Taras Potichny.

“PwC’s latest survey highlights 5 key trends in the transport and logistics market in Central and Eastern Europe. The first point is digitalisation. 68% of surveyed companies expect a breakthrough due to technology. UNIT.City is the right place for such companies as Bolt. The fact that one of 160 European “unicorns” decided to open its own office, as well as the research and development center in UNIT.City will definitely strengthen both the innovation park and the startup-ecosystem of all Kyiv. The company will get access to thousands of students in the territory, and its employees will join the community of like-minded people, will attend the best industry events and create new cool products and services”, – says CEO and managing partner of UNIT.City Max Yakover.

Welcome to the community, friends!