Bolt is launching electric scooters at UNIT.City

21 November - 12:00

Bolt is the first company in Ukraine to launch a new service

In test mode until spring 2020

The leading European transport platform Bolt is the first in Ukraine to launch a new service – rent of electric scooters. By spring 2020, the service will operate in a test mode in the innovation park UNIT.City.

Electric scooters is an ecologically alternative type of transport, which allows to avoid traffic jams during transportation. Every fourth Bolt trip in the world is less than 3 km, so there is no need to call a car for this, because on a scooter you can overcome this distance quickly and without polluting the environment.

The new service is very easy to use. It is necessary to find a scooter, to unlock it by means of a QR code in the app, to reach the destination and leave the vehicle in any convenient and safe place. The service can be used only by the persons, who have reached the age of 18 years (at the registration the user indicates the date of birth).

The Bolt electric scooters park has Segway NineBot ES4 scooters with a power reserve of up to 45 km.

“We were the first in Ukraine to launch the service, which is popular in many cities around the world! I am very glad that we are changing the market, changing the image of the city, making it more modern. Electric samokats really solve a lot of problems. Usually it is very difficult to move around the city center by car, but you can drive a few kilometers by electric scooter with pleasure”, – comments regional manager of Bolt in Ukraine Taras Potichny.

Taras Potichny

The price of electric scooter rental includes the price for unlocking and the price per minute of use. In case when the ride is planned to be a lot and the per-minute payment is unprofitable for the client, Bolt has set the price for the rent of the scooter for the whole day. No matter how much time you travel through the city, your card will not be charged more than the set price.

The cost of using scooters in Kyiv will be published after the full official launch of the project.

The places where you can rent a scooter are located in the center of the city, usually near the transportation hubs and the most visited places. See where the nearest scooter location is located in the same appendix as for ordering a car. In the evening, Bolt employees will collect scooters around the city and put them on the charger, so that in the morning they can be found at the usual locations.

For a safe ride on a scooter, it is recommended to wear a helmet and use bicycle lanes.

“We are proud that the first electric scooter rental shop in Ukraine appeared in UNIT.City. This fully corresponds to our idea to build an eco-friendly city in the city,” said Dominik Piotet, CEO of UNIT.City.

Dominique Piotet