NEST Bootcamp is our intensive 3-months program for advanced startups, those inspiring scale-ups with plans to launch a product or already on the market, who are ready to move on to the next level. It is entirely free of charge, with a secured seat at NEST space at UNIT.City for the entire length of the program.

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Our goals:
To support development of startups in Ukraine and technology entrepreneurship
To encourage the development of new technology-based products and services and their commercialization in local and global markets
To facilitate collaborations between participants and investors, local and global business communities, and the Ukraine-based technology entrepreneurs and private companies
To connect with the best mentors and experts for mentoring and business support
You will be really pumping it! Get ready for a dedicated & intensive work:
To develop your products
To test products and get an honest feedback
To work on growth, KPI's and metrics
To meet potential clients and investors
During the program
startups will have access to:
A program specifically designed for you
A free desk for 2 or 3 people at NEST space
A top-notch mentoring support
All the perks of membership to UNIT.City
A full focus on personal КРІs
A post program support during the year
The main target is to accelerate each part of the business over the 3-month timeframe.

Contacts, support, mentors inside the community of residents as well as to international and local partners are included!
Why is this free?

"Well, we at UNIT.City have asked ourselves: what if it is really time to give back? Let's face it. We are trying to get out of a crisis that has hit us all one way or another. It's time to unite, to work together for a better future. Besides, we believe in unicorns, and what if one of them will be nesting with us at the BOOTCAMP? Our great community is full of experts who are willing to share their knowledge and give back! We are doing it all together, making it free but also highly competitive and demanding!"

Dominique Piotet,

Startup is eligible, if:
You are ready to pitch yourself at Pitch Days and investors meetings
Your startup is technology-focused, has a track record of a product or a service (traction), and has raised investments
You demonstrate a sincere interest in receiving practical support to discover new opportunities and diligently follow personalized individual development plans to remain in the program
You and your teammates know English at a level required to pitch, work, communicate with mentors, partners, international clients
Your team is involved in community life and is ready to be helpful for the community
You are looking to expand into global markets
If all of this is about you, then embrace the opportunity and apply!
A jury will review all applications and ask a selected number of startups to come and pitch. Then we'll select the best startups to join the NEST BOOTCAMP.
Chief Innovation Officer at DTEK
Venture Lead at U.Ventures Western
NIS Enterprise Fund
Dominique Piotet
Emanuele Volpe
Andrii Sorohan
Our jury
Digital transformation expert and leader. Dominique is also a successful entrepreneur, with one exit, a Limited Partner in a VC Fund in Silicon Valley (The Refiners) with more than 50 investments in the portfolio, a startup mentor and advisor and is part of several nonprofits as advisor and ambassador. Currently, Dominique is the CEO of UNIT City, Ukraine's first Smart City dedicated to innovation.
Emanuele had been working on projects in the United States and former Soviet Republics for more than 20 years. He was dealing with project management on the energy complex engineering procurement and construction in the global energy company Enel. And now for the last 5 years working on open innovation culture and new disruptive and exponential technologies at DTEK.
Andriy received a master's degree in business economics from the Kyiv School of Economics. After graduation, he was a coordinator in the Canadian-Ukrainian parliamentary program, and was a co-founder of an international student consulting organization. At WNISEF, Andriy runs a program to invest in startups in the early stages of development and coordinates projects related to education and information technology.
Rick Rasmussen
An Industry Fellow and Member of Faculty at the University of California, Berkeley
An Industry Fellow and Member of Faculty at the University of California, Berkeley. Serves as the Director of Startup Programs for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology responsible for the creation of new programs centering on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation. Mr. Rasmussen is a Silicon Valley native that has been part of five IPOs, exits amounting to over $12B, mentored over 1500 companies. He earned an EECS degree with highest honors from UC Berkeley.
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