Center42 presented a dictionary of innovations and investments

12 August - 12:00

About the project

The dictionary of investments and innovations is designed to increase the investment literacy of Ukrainian startups, corporations, potential business angels and non-core investors. The dictionary will also be useful for specialists from other spheres and everyone who wants to understand the topic of startups and tech-ecosystems. The project was created by Center42 Innovation Agency with the support of UNIT.City Innovation Park and LIFT99 startup hub.

Who would be interested in the dictionary

  • Beginning startups
  • Investors and business angels
  • Corporate innovation offices that work with startups
  • Everyone who is interested in attracting investments in business, working with startups, creating innovative business in Ukraine

“While working in the market for a long time, we have noticed that startups, investors and corporations often speak different languages. We believe that increasing innovation literacy will help to increase the number of opportunities for all market players – startups will attract investments more quickly, corporations will become more innovative, and investors will find more mature companies to invest in,” – says Kirill Mazur, CEO & Founder at Center42 and the project initiator.

The dictionary consists of the following thematic blocks:

  • Startup basics
  • Investment attraction
  • Startup Metrics
  • Corporate innovations
  • Useful materials

You can found out more here: