Holiday issue of the Mayak Innovatsiy podcast with Dominique Piotet

6 April - 14:30

Today we have an important event: UNIT.City is 3 years old! In honor of the holiday, Dominique Piotet held a special issue of the Mayak Innovatsiy podcast.

Let’s listen to Dominique and his guests: the Dream Team, management partners, and the founder of UNIT.City discuss innovation park plans for the future.

What will you hear:

  • About Vasyl Khmelnytsky’s vision of creation UNIT.City;
  • About innovative smart city technologies from the managing partner Constantine Yevtushenko;
  • How to become a resident of an innovation park.

Also, let’s sing Happy Birthday together with Dream Team: Olena Midzhak, Valentina Rakitina, Olga Motriy, Dina Nesterovych.

Listen to the holiday podcast at the links:

Celebrate UNIT.City’s birthday with us! So far only online, but when the quarantine is over, we are bored.