Kyiv has risen two steps in the StartupBlink rankings in just one year

26 May - 15:00

This moment StartupBlink presents their results! In just one year, Kyiv has risen two steps in the ranking of innovative cities in the world!

Just in time for the Day of Kyiv, which we’ll celebrate this week!

StartupBlink is a project that embodies the world’s most complete interactive map of startups, incubators, and coworking ecosystems, showing their state around the world. It marked more than 67,000 startups, 100 accelerators, 200 coworking. Ukrainian projects are also present here: more than 300 companies from Kyiv alone.

According to the previous rating of StartupBlink, Kyiv took the 34th place out of 1000 startup cities in the world, and in 2020 the capital of Ukraine rose to 32nd place! Congratulations to you, Kyiv!

We remind you that UNIT.City is the exclusive city partner of StartupBlink. This makes it possible to significantly improve the ecosystem for the growth of local startups, by developing links between the community and scaling up their presence in the global innovation arena. So expect that in 2021 Kyiv, thanks to the influence of #UNITEcosystem, will overcome new heights!