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Podcast hosted by CEO of UNIT.CIty Dominique Piotet.
Technology world news and conversations with its players.
Hosted by Dominique Piotet, together with Tatiana Skydan and Andrei Komarovski.

From Ukraine to the whole world!
The first episode of podcast «Mayak Innovatsiy» with Dominique Piotet is already online!

Our first guest is Nataliya Mykolska. She is the Member of the Supervisory Board of techukraine, a co-founder and a member of the Supervisory Boards at Trade Center KSE with Kyiv School Of Economics, a co-founder of She Exports Ua, co-founder of media project Brilliant Minds of Stanford and Silicon Valley, a co-founder of Stanford Ukrainian Policy Conference. She also was a driver of women economic empowerment initiatives within the Government.
Meet the festive issue of the podcast "Mayak Innovatsiy" with Dominique Piotet

Today we have an important event: UNIT.City is 3 years old! In honor of the holiday, Dominic Piote held a special issue of the podcast "Mayak Innovatsiy". Let's listen to Dominic and his guests: the dream team, management partners and the founder of UNIT.City discuss smart city plans for the future.

What will you hear:
About Vasyl Khmelnytsky vision to create UNIT.City, on innovative smart city technologies from the managing partner Konstantin Yevtushenko,
how to become a resident of an innovative city.
The third issue of the Innovation Lighthouse podcast with Dominic Piotet

The guest was Andriy Komarovsky, CEO of Sector X. serial entrepreneur, partner
of the large corporate accelerator Yellow Rockets, former director of Founders Institute, co-founder of startups Cupli Surveys and Personik.

Dominic and Andrew discussed the following topics:
Conditions necessary for the success of a startup. Differences between Ukrainian and Eastern European startups from Western European ones. What does the accelerator do? What benefits does it give to startups?
Episode #4 is published!

With Olia Synyakevych, designer at FabLab Fabricator, which is the most advanced lab in Ukraine in terms of prototyping in general and 3D printing in particular. FabLab launched a special program to 3Dprint masks to support hospitals and doctors during this time.
New release of Mayak Innovatsiy podcast with Dominique Piotet

The guest is Zoya Lytvyn, the founder of the Novopecherska School and the public organization Osvitoria. Founder of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine teacher award. Zoya and her team are doing everything for the development of education in Ukraine, creating innovative schools, working with orphanages, providing with the Ministry of Education free training for teachers from all over the country. She was ranked in the top-5 most successful women entrepreneurs in the world by the UN in 2019.

Olga and Dominic talked about:
Organization of distance learning, major trends in education, superheroes among teachers.

Listen up to Mayak Innovatsiy podcast with Dominique Piotet

The guest is Andriy Zinchuk, Managing Director of DemiumStartups, which helps startups from scratch. With over 50 companies in his portfolio, Andriy and his team focus on scaling Demium across southwestern Europe to fulfill an ambitious dream: launching 100 startups a year.

Andriy and Dominic talked about:
The difference between an incubator and an accelerator. How to make startups and talented professionals stay in Ukraine.

Listen up to Mayak Innovatsiy podcast with Dominique Piotet

The guest is Rick Rasmussen, an Industry Fellow and Member of Faculty at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the Director of Startup Programs for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology where he is responsible for the creation of new programs centering on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation. Rick Rasmussen is an advisor and board member of UNIT.Factory, the coding school of UNIT.City.

Rick and Dominique talked about:
The quarantine in Sunny California. The transformation of entrepreneurs' skills in this crisis.