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Reload your business at UNIT.City

Open your company's digital office at the heart of the UNIT.City, launch joint projects with other residents or organize your own events at the intersection of innovation, transformation and your business expertise.

  • Access to startups, talents, potential contractors

  • Faster access to trends, experts and technologies

  • Innovative boost for your brand

  • Inspiring innovation atmosphere for your team

Become a resident

How to cooperate with an innovation park
Corporate startup engagement programs and other activities
  • Innovation Day for the team

    Upgrade your team through innovation
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  • Accelerator programs launch

    Find new business models and product ideas through collaboration with innovative teams, startups and businesses.

  • Innovation & Technology Scouting (Ukraine and globally)

    Improve your business with innovation consulting (scouting) programs – explore global trends, find innovative teams, technologies and ideas for new business areas.

  • Joint projects creation

    Organize conferences, hackathons, startup competitions to seek innovation and inspiration together with UNIT.City.

  • Accessing laboratories

    Prototype new hardware products or create virtual reality applications together with our residents.

  • Innovation office (R&D) opening

    Open your company's innovation office (R&D) at the center of the UNIT.City

Laboratories, accelerators, investments

Everything in one place
Live. Work. Rest
UNIT.Core: 130–150 people.
UNIT.Verse: 350 people.
For bicycles, motorcycles, cars.
UNIT.Cafe - 80 seats, summer terrace.
Sports Complex
EBSH – gym, table tennis, group yoga classes.
Charging station
Charging for electric cars.
Recreation areas
A nicely arranged territory.
Central Square.
Recreation Park.
WiFi in the park area.

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