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Discover the UNIT.City Innovation Park – a unique place with a concentration of innovations and new generation of people who can change the country. Join our events, programs, create new businesses with us!

  • A unique model of education

  • Resources and knowledge to create a business

  • Possibilities for self-realization in Ukraine

  • Inspiring atmosphere

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  • Study at ucode IT-academy

    Unique methodology: Apple framework and Peer-to-Peer A modern location with iMac 27 '' at the UNIT.City You may set your own study schedule

  • Create a startup in one of the accelerators

    Develop your idea with acceleration programs from our residents - get access to experts, corporations, potential clients and investors.

  • Find a job in one of the resident companies

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    Get knowledge, inspiration, find new acquaintances at our lectures, conferences and other events.

  • Create new products in labs

    Prototype new hardware products or create virtual reality applications with such residents as FabLab Fabricator, Sensorama, Concepter and others!

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Laboratories, accelerators, events

Everything in one place
Live. Work. Rest.
UNIT.Core: 130–150 people.
UNIT.Verse: 300–350 people.
For bicycles, motorcycles, cars.
UNIT.Cafe - 80 seats, summer terrace.
Sports Complex
EBSH – gym, table tennis, group yoga classes.
Charging station
Charging for electric cars.
Recreation areas
A nicely arranged territory.
Central Square.
Recreation Park.
WiFi in the park area.

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