Pop-up street-food of the БУХТА project opened at UNIT.City

24 June - 10:42

The project from the founders of БУХТА Food Station and ULICHNAYA EDA Roman and Victoria Tugashev began work on the territory of the innovation park UNIT.City in a pop-up format. Residents and guests of the innovation park have access to American and Asian cuisine from Black Burger and Aziatka.

The menu will change regularly.

The address is Dorogozhytska, 3, innovation park UNIT.City.

Roman Tugashev, the founder of БУХТА Food Station and ULICHNAYA EDA, believes that during the crisis it is important for businesses to keep fit, so collaboration with UNIT.City is an important point for development and restart.

“We have been following the development of UNIT.City for a long time. This is a powerful and unique project of world importance. We have long wanted to collaborate together and now, 2020, and the quarantine period has given us this opportunity. During a crisis, it is very important not to lose focus, look for new niches and directions, move forward and respond to changes in a timely manner. We start our cooperation with several street food outlets. These are American and Asian cuisines, the most popular dishes. We will regularly introduce new items so that UNIT.City residents can try the most varied menu. We will also hold parties and joint projects with other UNIT.City residents on Fridays and weekends,” said Roman Tugashev, co-founder of БУХТА Food Station and ULICHNAYA EDA.

Managing partner of UNIT.City Constantine Yevtushenko believes that the new partnership will strengthen the competitive environment within the innovation park and opens new opportunities for all project participants.

“This collaboration has become a harmonious addition to the UNIT.City ecosystem. This is an unconditional win-win. Residents got more variety for food and communication, the founders of ULICHNAYA EDA got the opportunity to do their favorite thing even during quarantine, and UNIT.Cafe got a worthy competitor,” said UNIT.City managing partner Constantine Yevtushenko.