Radar Tech is ready to invest in startups up to €250К

1 April - 11:00

Radar Tech starts cooperation with the Impera Alfa Foundation and is ready to invest up to €250K in startups.

Startups at the Proof of Principle stage can receive up to €50K, while those at the Proof of Concept stage can receive up to €250K. Areas that will have an advantage: agritech, AI, fintech and insurtech, cleantech and energy.

Also, representatives of Impera Alfa will join the team of accelerator mentors, which will expand the opportunities for Radar Tech residents to find potential partners, scale and enter new markets.

First of all, the Fund will consider projects that have applied for participation in the current Radar Tech program – MHP accelerator 2.0 with the support of MHP and Agrohub.

The application process started at the end of February and will run until April 21 at radartech.com.ua/mhp.