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MHP SE is the parent company of a large international agricultural group with operational activities in Ukraine, the Balkans, the Netherlands and Slovakia, and a distribution and sales office in the UAE. The Company’s headquarters in Ukraine operates in accordance with the principle of vertical integration. The company is a leader in the Ukrainian agrarian industry and holds a strong position in domestic and international food markets.A number of successful and well-known brands, such as Nasha Ryaba, Qualiko, Lehko!, Bashchinsky, and Ukrainian Chicken are owned by MHP’s parent company MHP SE. MHP is one of the largest employers in Ukraine, providing jobs to more than 28,000 employees at over 30 enterprises in 14 regions of Ukraine. The holding is a winner of multiple awards as an employer, and has one of the most ambitious corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and animal welfare programs. In 2018, MHP invested over 200 million UAH in social and infrastructural projects aimed at developing communities and operating areas in Ukraine. MHP aspires to be the first major poultry company globally to be antibiotic-free. On May 15th 2008, MHP became the first Ukrainian agrarian company to become publicly listed in GDRs at the London Stock Exchange.

Agricultural analytics center


Agrohub is agricultural advanced-analytics center with a team of data scientists, industry experts and management consultants experienced in applying analytics and big data to agrobusiness challenges.

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