became UNIT.City resident

7 November - 17:00

On October 18 in the main event hall of UNIT.City the company presented its new office and held a conference “The Future”, dedicated to innovations and recruitment. “The past is static. The present is a fact. The future … Follow us! “This phrase became the slogan of the event, because it better reflects the changes that are taking place now in the company.

The event “The Future”, organized by team, was dedicated to HR trends, innovations and technologies that await us in the era of transformation. The speakers were both key employees of the company and invited guests.

The conference was opened by the general director of Nikolay Mikhailov.

I am glad to welcome guests in our new home – the heart of innovation and technology UNIT.City. Already now this place is rightly called “Silicon Valley” of Ukraine, here are concentrated all the opportunities for innovative development of young talents and entire companies. I am sure that here we will increase the achievements that already exist and reach a completely new level of development.

CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet congratulated on the housewarming, recently occupied this position and aims to turn UNIT.City into the largest business center in Europe:

UNIT.City is an ideal place for such companies as This will undoubtedly strengthen the innovation park, its current residents and the team. Employees of the company will join the community of like-minded people, will participate in the best industry events, create new interesting products and services here. Please accept my compliments!

Dominique Piotet, СЕО UNIT.City

Product Director at Yar Birzul spoke about what has already been achieved on the way to innovative recruiting of the future:

We are working to eliminate unemployment in Ukraine. We want all Ukrainian companies to have interesting work, and teams to be 100% staffed. For this purpose, we create the Product. A valuable, innovative technological platform, where we qualitatively connect companies with the right people. In recent years, we have built a solid technological foundation, and have already built on it several unique opportunities profiles of behavior, a map of the labor market, Eva – artificial intelligence Matching, the first in Ukraine chat between search engines and recruiters, a mobile application for employers. These steps are just the beginning of the road to big changes in the labor market. And in UNIT.City we feel at home, its atmosphere helps us to create valuable innovations for you.

Welcome home, friends!