SolarGaps opens a factory for the production of “smart” solar blinds

21 July - 17:00

Our resident of SolarGaps announced the opening of his own factory, which will produce the flagship product of the startup – “smart” blinds, as well as custom solar panels for other “green” technologies. The production capacity will reach 15 megawatts per year. At the same time, the factory is “green” with zero CO2 emissions.

The factory will be located in the village of Romankiv. At the moment, 20 employees are already working there, but in the near future their number will be increased to 100 – SolarGaps has already opened new vacancies.

Eugene Erik, CEO of the company, explained that the factory is needed to fulfill all the existing orders of SolarGaps with the subsequent potential for growth.

“Now we have about a hundred orders, but the potential demand for the product in the world is much higher: it can reach thousands of systems per month. Now we are expanding our distribution network and launching advertising and PR-campaigns, as a result of which we expect to scale up with orders of this kind”, – he explained.

Previously, SolarGaps had purchased components for its blinds from third party manufacturers, mainly in China. And according to Eric, this has been a major impediment to the production process. The company’s own factory has to level this barrier.

According to CEO SolarGaps, this is the first “green factory” in Ukraine with zero emissions of harmful substances. It will be equipped with solar panels on the roof and wind mills to generate and store energy to meet the needs of production. In particular, the solar panels on the roof will generate about 50 kilowatts per hour.

The factory is planning to produce not only SolarGaps blinds, but also components for other alternative energy products. Among the first customers is AFORE, the manufacturer of inverters.

For this purpose, a test site will be created on the basis of the factory, which will be open to all innovators in the field of renewable energy. It will allow you to test your inventions and agree on a partnership.

“On the site we offer young innovative companies to test their inventions on our equipment. These are wind turbines, solar cell derivatives, etc. Pilot projects are planned to preserve the energy generated by the experiments, which may result in the development of new joint projects and exchange of experience. In addition, by providing a platform for other innovative green technologies, we plan to expand production,” explained Eric.