The best cases of the Cannes Lions festival took place in UNIT.City

31 July - 16:13

UNIT.City together with BBDO Ukraine gathered creative fans on the territory of the innovation park, among which were TOP managers of the advertising industry, well-known specialists in design and digital marketing, large advertisers, and leading representatives of the advertising industry.

More than 500 players from the creative industry attended a party dedicated to the world-famous Cannes Lions advertising festival. As the event in 2020 took place online, the organizers of the party decided to ironically call their event «Cannes after Cannes without Cannes.»

UNIT.City discussed trends and challenges facing the advertising business in the modern world. A significant part of the evening was the display of the best, according to the creative team of BBDO Ukraine, cases from the international festival Cannes Lions.

The purpose of the event was to communicate and exchange ideas between market participants in a relaxed atmosphere. That’s why the organizers of Cannes after Cannes without Cannes decided to give up boring lectures and instructive things from the stage. Networking and communication during the cocktail party were a priority.

Guests were treated by Red Bull, Jägermeister, Borjomi, Pepsi, and a novelty from InBev Ukraine — De Sad cider.

Bolt became the logistics partner.

The technical partner was RIDER RENT.