The first episode of the Mayak Innovatsiy podcast with Dominique Piotet is online

30 March - 13:48

The guest is Natalia Mykolska. She is a co-founder of TradeCenter at Kyiv School Of Economics and the Sheexportsua, women’s economic empowerment platform.

Natalia Mykolska is a member of the Supervisory Board of TechUkraine, which unites all participants in the technological ecosystem to make Ukraine the leading technological country in the world. She is the founder of the Shining Minds of Stanford and Silicon Valley media project and the Ukrainian Conference at Stanford University.

Dominique and Natalia discussed the following issues:

  • How are women thriving in government and technology?
  • Why is Ukraine an innovative country?
  • What are we doing wrong in the technological sphere?

You can listen to the first issue at the following links:

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There are many more interesting and influential people in Dominique’s phone book, so see you next time.