The UNIT.City’s Knowledge Base is now publicly available!

7 April - 14:37

We held more than 200 events. We welcomed experts from the fields of logistics and SaaS, sales and marketing, startups, development for VR and AI, creative industries. Now we have accumulated a considerable base of materials, which we seek to share.

What interesting you can find:

Hrabli Battle — despite the funny name and interesting concept, the purpose of the events is serious: about entrepreneurship, how not to be afraid of mistakes, but to receive an incentive from failures to move forward and achieve great things. Many brave startup speakers have been awarded the honorary “hrabli”.

WoManagers is a series of meetings of women executives who are not afraid to start their own business and inspire others. Ambitious, bold, and progressive — that’s what a woman manager is.

UNIT.Sales Meetup — best sales practices with Miller Heiman Group Ukraine. We review cases of transformation of sales and services, we study the transition to the sale of decisions, instead of products, and how to interact with customer 2.0.

Secrets of Growth — together with our partner Growth Marketing Stage we organize meetings where we share the most effective strategies and tactics for building, scaling, and reproducing growth initiatives.

SaaStock Local is a meeting of the already numerous SaaS community, where we consider the best models of SaaS business creation and share practical experience. The franchise of the largest European SaaS community — SaaStock in partnership with PromoRepublic.

And that’s just part of it! Come to the site, watch, and upgrade yourself!