UFuture will invest €245M in UNIT.City until 2021

1 October - 19:00

The innovation park will grow to 20%

By 2021, the total amount of investment in UNIT.City will reach €245 million. The innovative park itself should increase to 206 thousand m² and become one of the largest in Europe.

For today in UNIT.City it is invested about €50 million and 36 thousand m² of infrastructure is constructed. Three campuses, Chasopys.UNIT co-working, a free sports complex and several cafes have been opened. By the end of this year, another €70 million will be invested in the construction of two business campuses and the first phase of residential area UNIT.Home. The total construction area will amount to 60 thousand m².

Next year the construction of 5 new business buildings, the second stage of residential complex and secondary school for 750 children is planned to begin with investments of €125 million. It is planned that the area of this site will be 110 thousand m². Thus, by 2021 a fifth part of the innovative town will be built.

“UNIT.City should be integrated into the international innovation ecosystem. For this purpose, we are ready to actively invest in the project, attract world technological leaders to cooperation, cooperate with global financial institutions. The Park has reached a new level and is a clear partner for key players of the industry”, – says Vasyl Khmelnytsky, the founder of UFuture.

Vasyl Khmelnytsky

According to the CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet, in 2020 the park will create conditions for comfortable accommodation of 150 resident companies, as well as for the education of more than 1200 students. It is planned to establish partnership with two leading universities of the world. It is planned that next year 5 venture funds, 8 laboratories and 10 accelerators will work in the innovative town. The top manager hopes that in the coming years UNIT.City will hold international events of such level as Web Summit, IT Arena, CES and Davos.

“My goal is to make sure that in 2025, when 90% of UNIT.City will be built, the world values Ukraine not for outsourcing, but for the high quality of innovations and startups. I want the world to perceive our ecosystem as a place where ideas grow into world-famous companies. Where billions of unicorn startups appear. I want the next Tesla or iPhone to be born here in UNIT.City,” said Dominique Piote.

Dominique Piotet