UNIT.City and Wtech came together through a joint project

10 September - 17:07

UNIT.City innovation park and the Wtech Women’s IT Community have signed a memorandum of cooperation and partnership. The document was approved by Dominique Piotet, CEO of the UNIT.City innovation park, and Wtech co-founders Victoria Tigipko and Viroslava Novosilna.

According to Dominique, this partnership will be a powerful stimulus for the development of the women’s tech community in Ukraine.

«We are convinced at UNIT.City that talent and success have no gender. In 2019, startups founded by women received more than $20 billion in investment. Cooperation with Wtech will undoubtedly be one of the ones that give a powerful impetus to the development of Ukraine’s women’s tech community,» comments Dominique Piotet.

According to Wtech co-founders Victoria Tigipko and Viroslava Novosilna, in two years of existence, the project has reached the international level and transformed into a powerful self-made community.

«In two years, 3500 participants from 7 cities of Ukraine joined Wtech. During the quarantine, we opened four more hubs, went online, and held 15 webinars, as well as created new meeting formats: English clubs and masterminds. The new business season started with the launch community of London, and later Berlin and Monaco. We gave impetus, and now Wtech is a self-made community. Each participant can find what she needs: partners, mentors, support, business development, employees, or just friends. We are confident that we will become even stronger in tandem with UNIT.City,» commented Victoria Tigipko and Viroslava Novosilna.