UNIT.City invites you to a new Investment Summit

1 April - 12:00

UNIT.City continues a series of events for business leaders, investors, creative entrepreneurs and international guests. On April 25, the innovative park will again host venture capital funds, business associations, angels, founders and СЕОs, leaders of startup ecosystems, GR and media from Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe.

The main topic is SaaS Universe, the business model radically changes the approaches to modern entrepreneurship. Now it doesn’t matter where you place your office – you can earn money all over the world and be competitive on a global scale. Ukraine already has many successful SaaS stories, such as Grammarly ($110 million of investments).

The purpose of the event is to attract more quality international audience and capital in Ukraine.

Why go to the 42 Investment Summit?

  • For insight and inspiration
  • Behind contacts and acquaintances with investors
  • For new agreements for your business

Key speakers:

  • Pavel Chudzinsky, Managing Partner, Point Nine Capital
  • Deborah Fairlemb, Chairman of the Ukrainian National Startup Fund
  • Marcin Zabelski, partner and co-founder of Market One Capital

More details: 42.unit.city/42-investment-summit

When: 25 April 2019, 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Where: UNIT.Verse conference room (UNIT.City)

Language: English