UNIT.City launched a unique art object called “The Beacon”

1 October - 18:00

The light beam will reach 100 meters

What happened?
UNIT.City has opened an unusual art object called “The Beacon”. The highest factory pipe of Kyiv (60 meters) was transformed into a light installation – a bright symbol of the future.

Where’s the catch
As the sun sets, the light gradually rises up along the pipe. First, the lights on both sides of the outer part of the pipe are lit. Two LED media lighting strips are installed here. The strips of light slowly rise upwards, charging a beam of light in the throat of the pipe. Upon reaching the tops, a bright beam is lit in the sky above the capital. The length of the beam can reach 100 meters, with a base diameter of 3.5 m.

In the middle of the pipe at a height of 48 meters is a metal platform, where there are three spotlights with halogen lamps of 7.5 kW each. Different variants of pipe operation scenarios have been developed, depending on the events and seasons. At the top of the pipe there are also appropriate beacons for aircraft orientation.

“UNIT.City should be integrated into the international innovation ecosystem. For this purpose, we are ready to actively invest in the project, attract world technological leaders to cooperation, cooperate with global financial institutions. The Park has reached a new level and is a clear partner for key players of the industry”, – says Vasyl Khmelnytsky, the founder of UFuture.

Vasyl Khmelnytsky

Who invented this
This is the work of British installation artist Sebastian Kite. Kite works with choreographers, composers, filmmakers and designers around the world.

“I wanted to create a unifying symbol in an era of change in Ukrainian history. A symbol of respect for the past, for the land it stands on and for the future. The chimney that once symbolized Ukrainian industrialization, today, with the help of the universal language of light, is becoming a beacon of hope,” says Sebastian. – The Beacon is a living reflection of people and the city, it makes us think about our place in this world.

The project concept was implemented by the development company UDP.

Sebastian Kite

The Planetarium is inside
Previously, a planetarium with four projectors and LED-technology was built inside the pipe. Technology “Cinema 360”, installed by the Ukrainian company for the development of visual solutions Front Pictures, creates the effect of 3D-space and full immersion. Images can be controlled remotely through the application on the tablet. It is possible to get there by a glass corridor, which connects the two campuses of the innovative park.

Who else could have won
Hundreds of works participated in the UNIT.City Art Prize competition. Other participants proposed to create a transparent observation platform in the form of smoke rings at the top of the pipe, and inside to start the elevator and wrap the pipe with a spiral staircase, where people can climb. Some of them suggested using mobile apps to display pictures or even mood colors created in gadgets on the surface of the object. There were also practical suggestions. For example, to install wind generators on the pipe, which would produce alternative energy. As a result, it was decided to turn the pipe into a beacon of light, which will be visible from anywhere in the capital.