UNIT.City launches a new product — event space UNIT.Space!

28 April - 10:01

UNIT.City launches a new product to create high-quality content for events, weaving offline and online components — event space UNIT.Space!

What’s new in this? We have combined the available technical equipment and modern technologies for streaming or video recording. And of course, the expertise, based on their own experience, to create top online events.

For what? Despite the fact that the interaction with the audience went online, the need to present information as professionally, cool, and aesthetically as possible remained. Let us take care of that!

And now to the details!

You rent UNIT.Space, and get a basic set for organizing performances and streams:

📌 Modern comfortable location;

📌 Technical equipment for performances: light, sound, panoramic projection;

📌 Professional equipment for streaming and video recording;

📌 Help of a super team of technicians and directors.

Additional features:

💎 Online translation of the speech;

💎 Assistance with event coverage through our resources;

💎 Design and decoration of backstage, catering service, etc.

💎 Shooting on campuses, squares, art objects, and office spaces.

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