UNIT.City: new horizons and thousands of startups

16 June - 13:44

UNIT.City is developed by a team of professionals with extraordinary competencies. Each of them is responsible for the implementation of its pool of tasks. However, they are all united by a common goal — to create a unique case for the region, which gives impetus to the development of innovation in Ukraine and securing UNIT.City status as an international center of high technology.

“Our partners and I create a space that unites talented and hard-working people. UNIT.City is a center for the development of the creative economy and a start for innovation. Thanks to world experience, team play, and new approaches, thousands of innovative companies will be created here,” commented Vasyl Khmelnytsky.

Dominique Piotet will focus at UNIT.City on making the innovation park one of the high-tech centers in the world. It is he who should open UNIT.City for large global companies.

“I joined the management of UNIT.City because I believe that this is where the next technological breakthrough will take place. Twenty years of living in Silicon Valley, my own startups and investment experience give me that intuitive confidence. I am here to create a sustainable technological ecosystem; to help Ukrainian startups succeed internationally; provide them with the right environment and culture. I am ready to open UNIT.City to the most influential people on the world technology scene to make it a magnet for venture financing,” said Dominique Piotet, CEO of Innovation Park.

UNIT.City’s managing partner Constantine Yevtushenko aims to create an environment in which innovations are born, which is an economic driver for the entire region.

“My task is to create for all UNIT.City residents conditions for comfortable studying, working, relaxing, and developing together. Our goal is to increase the economic and creative resources of Ukraine. UNIT.City will become a center of innovation and a driver for the rapid growth of technology and business,” said the managing partner of UNIT.City Constantine Yevtushenko.

CFO and innovation park’s partner Kyrylo Bondar is responsible for attracting investments from international financial institutions. His task is to show the world that UNIT.City is open to international partners and big business.

“My task is to persuade the world’s best financial institutions to choose UNIT.City as a place for their investments. We are open to partners who, together with funding, bring their experience and knowledge. We want UNIT.City to be a place where success is achieved,” said Kyrylo Bondar.