UNIT.City showed George Orwell’s 1984

11 September - 16:46

The team of the UNIT.City innovation park invited the troupe of the Podil Theater to organize an immersion performance «1984», where each spectator took part in the event.

Three bells before the performance were replaced by rifle shots. Actors of the theater, disguised in Big Brother’s army costumes, «invited» the audience to the auditorium. Spectators marched to their seats in a convoy of armed soldiers with service Dobermans.

According to Artem Boyko, CMO of UNIT.City, the choice of this particular play is not accidental. UNIT.City is actively digitalizing its territory: patrol drones and AI cameras will soon appear in the innovation park. These are the team’s first steps towards transforming the innovation park into a large smart-city project and it is important to emphasize that the protection of personal data should be a priority for digitalization.

«We understand that from face recognition and big data collection to «Big Brother» is one step. Because general digitalization is not only good but also threatening. And so, unfortunately, the novel about the horrors of totalitarianism, written in the middle of the last century, is more relevant today than ever. Problems of personal data protection have been actively discussed for the last few years. And we are convinced that we need to talk about it more often and more openly, and the capabilities of AI and big data should be transparent and clear,» says Artem Boyko.

The 1984 play was directed by Michael Gene Sullivan and is an adaptation of George Orwell’s cult anti-utopian novel. It demonstrates life in a totalitarian society deprived of freedom of will and the power of state propaganda.