UNIT.City starts international expansion

4 September - 12:00

Dominique Piotet becomes CEO of the first innovation park. He will focus on the team’s efforts on integrating UNIT.City into the global technological space.

The first innovation park, UNIT.City, starts the second phase of its development which includes its integration into the global innovation ecosystem. To complete this ambitious task, the company is changing its managing structure and introducing a new position of CEO which will be occupied by renowned Silicon Valley innovation expert, Dominique Piotet. He has over 20 years of experience in digital transformation, including work in Fortune Global 500 companies.

“UNIT.City is entering the next level. I’d like more international companies to open their offices here and hire Ukrainian programmers who have proven themselves to be highly-qualified specialists. To make this real as soon as possible, we’ve invited Dominique Piotet, a person with experience in Silicon Valley, to become CEO of the innovation park. Thanks to Dominique’s experience and his knowledge, UNIT.City has every chance of breaking into the innovative system of the world. I am grateful to Bakhmatov and Yakover for their contribution to the development of the innovation park that has turned an ambitious startup into a unique project of the international level,”Vasyl Khmelnytsky, Founder of UFuture, said.

“I’d like to thank Vasyl Khmelnytsky for the invitation and Max Yakover and Maxim Bakhmatov, who have met me with support and who shared their experience from the very first day. I am delighted to see what they’ve managed to build over the years. In Silicon Valley, where I worked for many years, Ukraine is well known for its great developers who work in such companies as Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber. When I first heard about UNIT.City, I realized that I should definitely get acquainted with this project to see where such talented IT-specialists come from,”Dominique Piotet, CEO of UNIT.City emphasized.

UNIT.City’s managing partners Max Yakover and Maxim Bakhmatov are leaving the project as it was planned due to the end of the three-year contract. The company is grateful for their contribution to the development of the innovation park at the first and most responsible stage of its establishment. Within three years, UNIT.City has launched an IT-school for gifted youth, UNIT Factory, built five business campuses, co-working space Chasopys.UNIT, a free gym, and several cafes. In the next seven years, the park is expected to attract about 15,000 new residents and create 10 R&D laboratories.

“In three years, we’ve created not just a brand, but a phenomenon. Today UNIT.City is already a household name. We’ve managed to succeed thanks to Vasyl Khmelnytsky, who risked to invest money, a huge team working on the project, and the residents of the park. Particularly, we are grateful to the very first residents who believed in us, because nothing like this existed in the country then,”Max Yakover, Managing Partner of the innovation park, said.

Max Yakover, Vasyl Khmelnytsky & Maxym Bakhmatov