23 March - 15:50

Aloha, friends!

UNIT.City is opening its doors to everyone!

Although opening them virtually is the best we can do today, everyone is welcomed! Join in and let’s discover our smart city and its passionate focus on innovation together.

We are launching a series of publications — #VirtualOpenDays. During our digital journey, we are going to:

  • Learn about the history of the place where UNIT.City now lives (there used to be a motorcycle factory where BMW motorcycles were built!).
  • Introduce you to people whose vision and dream of a prosperous Ukraine have created and continue to develop this project.
  • Visit our innovative cafe where coffee is always delicious and burgers are prepared on green energy.
  • See inside ucode. It is the coding school that uses the innovative Peer-to-Peer (P2P) training program. Here students learn to program, work as a team, and find extraordinary solutions.
  • Visit other buildings with 4 active laboratories, 3 accelerators, 8 accelerator programs, 110 resident companies, and 2 unicorns.

UNIT.City is a city within a city, built on the basis of the world’s leading smart city concepts, but with a clear focus on creating an ecosystem of innovation. Launched in 2017, it has become a legendary place where the best innovative companies, startups, and talented people work together and progress.

Education, startup culture, prototyping production, Big partnerships, state, and third sector support!

These are the strongest drivers of innovation. That is why UNIT.City sees the need to develop interconnections between all these areas, creating a platform for entry-level startups from Ukraine, as well as the country’s technological and creative clusters.

Follow us and enjoy the journey. UNIT.City has lots of interesting stuff for you!