Welcome EБШ at UNIT.City!

3 June - 13:04

The EБШ sports hub has opened in the UNIT.City innovation park. This is the third studio from the EБШ team in Kyiv and the fourth in Ukraine.

“We are becoming part of a huge and impressive system. Part of which we really wanted to be a part of for a long time. We have achieved our goal and, despite the quarantine and test mode, we are glad that we managed to join the world of UNIT.City. I am sure that our philosophy will be close to the residents. After all, EБШ is about achievements and work on oneself, about challenges every day and about going beyond,” said EБШ co-founder Yulia Shum.

TRX, Functional Training, Yoga, Boxing, and Stretching workouts are available at EБШ UNIT. You can sign up for training by installing the EБШ application or through the EБШ bot in Telegram.

“UNIT.City is not a square meter. This is a space in which the effectiveness of individuals is multiplied several times. We create a place where each of the residents reinforces each other. And EБШ Hub will complement us perfectly. I’m sure that in today’s world, sport is not just about being in shape. It’s about perseverance, networking, and a culture of endurance. EБШ becomes part of UNIT.City. We coincide in philosophy and are confident that we will pursue common goals. So, welcome to the board! See you at EБШ UNIT! ” added Constantine Yevtushenko, UNIT.City’s managing partner.

Both individual and group trainings are available at UNIT EБШ. A hall for martial arts in addition.