UNIT.City is a prototype for the city of the future. An ecosystem that promotes innovative entrepreneurship and research. As well as the creation of companies successful in the global market.

Advanced technologies of urban infrastructure are tested and implemented here, in particular in such areas as transport and micromobility, unmanned logistics, energy efficiency, automated security, telecommunications, landscaping, and the like.
By collaborating with promising startups, we create an innovative environment where the best ideas about comfort and functionality are brought to life.

The architectural concept of UNIT.City was developed by the Polish company Wojciechowski Architekci in collaboration with the Dutch landscape architect Hiroki Matsuura. It is based on the idea of creating an urban space, productive and pleasant at the same time. Here one can learn and work, create and invent, interact and live life to the fullest without interruptions or barriers. Here and now.

Although UNIT is not actually a city, it is being developed according to international smart city standards, which prioritize safety, environment, economical use of energy, residents' health, and the like. The concept of the innovation park provides for the introduction of several information and communication technologies and IoT solutions to improve the quality of life and work efficiency in UNIT.City.
  • 01 Safe city
  • 02 Environment caring
  • 03 Smart construction
  • 04 Operating system
UNIT.City strives to create opportunities for free access to new ideas, emotions and ways of exploring ourselves and the world around us. We are for art that engages in dialogue. For the avant-garde. For creativity, which is not limited to the imposed social framework.
This is expressed in the space of the park and in the artistic public events we hold.
We believe that this forms a community of people who appreciate the standard of artistic discussion to which we invite park residents and guests.
Our team
The UNIT team is made up of people from all over the world. Dreamers and rebels, technicians and humanitarians, honors students and those who were absent all semester, but in two weeks they succeeded absolutely with everything. And to create a future, it doesn't matter who you were. What matters is who you want to be with us.
Keith Silverang
Advisory Board Head
Vasyl Khmelnytsky
Advisory Board Member
Rick Rasmussen
Advisory Board Member
Dominique Piotet
Advisory Board Member
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Constantine Yevtushenko
Managing Partner
Kirill Bondar
CFO, Partner
Ievgeniya Bespalova
Head of Ecosystem
Artem Boiko
Denys Shymanskyi
Head of PR
Ruslan Prylypko
Chief Digital Officer
Denys Tuchkov
Head of Sales
Maria Oleksichuk
Head of Investment Office
Iryna Rafalska
Head of Construction&Development
Tetyana Kovalyonok
Chief Network Engineer
Dina Nesterovych
Head of conference services
Olexandra Grygorenko
Head of UNIT.Coworking
Vladyslav Lazarevych
Head of Legal
Tetyana Kharchenko
Head of the budget and contract department
Antonina Horela
Chief Accountant
Olga Yashuk
Credit Administrator
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