For the sixth day, Ukraine is at war. Not at "special military operation. At a full-scale war. Our apartment buildings, kindergartens, maternity hospitals, and even hospitals are being shelled every day and night. Kyiv has been on the defensive for over 120 hours.
Tens of thousands of Kyiv citizens have obtained weapons and signed up for territorial defence. Hundreds of thousands of citizens go underground several times a day, waiting for the air raid. Children are born in shelters and subway stations.

The enemy hoped to sow panic, to destroy our moral spirit. Unable to achieve a lightning victory physically, they moved into infospace, trying to demoralize Ukrainians with fakes, to prove to themselves and the world that Ukraine is ready to capitulate. But we are holding on. And we will hold on until the end. Until the victory. The president, the head of his office, the prime minister, the defense minister remain in the capital. We are fighting for our peaceful sky. And we will get it, for sure.

A few hours ago, to destroy communications, the invaders launched a devastating attack on the TV tower in Kyiv. But it held. And so will we.

They hoped to take our cities with a blitzkrieg - after all, they can't even gain an advantage in cyberspace. One by one, Russian government websites, banking portals, personal pages of Influencers who promote war with Ukraine and brazenly lie to their followers are "going down". They hoped to divide our people - in the end, they only united us. The example of mass heroism, courage and unity shown by Ukrainians is astounding. Every day. Every hour. Ukraine will not be broken - its imperishable nation will live here forever.

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