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UNIT.City Resumed Its Activities. How Does the Innovation Park Work in War Conditions?

UNIT.City has fully resumed its activities and has opened its infrastructure to residents and guests. From June 1, all five business campuses, coworking, conference rooms and venues will be available. Educational programs and accelerators to help Ukrainian startups will also be gradually restored.

How is UNIT.City going to work?
The park will be fully open to current and potential residents, and coworking will be available for park guests. For example, residents of the UNIT.City innovation park network - UNIT.City Kharkiv and Lviv.Tech.City will be able to use the coworking infrastructure free of charge, regardless of the city in which they are located. UNIT.Cafe and fast food outlets will be available from the general infrastructure. In the future, the restaurant and street food will be restored.
The work schedule and access to the territory under martial law will be provided from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily without weekends.

How will the safety of people in the park be ensured?
For the safety of residents and guests of the park the operation of two modern bomb shelters with a total capacity of 1,000 people is provided. They will be equipped with everything necessary for work, including workplaces, the Internet and multimedia systems.
In addition, an enhanced access mode has been introduced, and an increased level of protection of the territory by the park security service has been implemented.

How will the work of the event sites be ensured?
Event venues will operate in full mode in compliance with all safety rules and regulations. For example, in case of an air alarm, each event that will be on the territory of UNIT.City can be transferred to a specialized bomb shelter, which is equipped with the necessary multimedia system and continue directly there.

Will educational programs be resumed?
It is planned to resume free accelerator programs for Ukrainian startups in the near future with the help of international partners of UNIT.City, so that startups can join European educational and investment programs.

How many residents have already returned or are planning to return to work?
One third of the resident companies have already returned to work, and we are waiting for the return of most of our teams to offline. From the first day of war, UNIT.City did not stop its work, but worked in a limited format exclusively for the current residents of the park. It is worth noting that during this period the option of free rent was introduced for resident companies (each company paid the rent at its own discretion and based on its capabilities). This has helped us save all 110 companies in the park. No resident left the innovation park.